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Andrew Luers


Andrew Luers

Visiting Fellow


Andrew is an Entrepreneur and Investor with focus on topics related to decarbonising the power sector and promoting adoption of sustainable materials and a more circular economy. Andrew is currently the Founder and CEO of Habitat Energy, an energy trading and asset optimisation business with focus on grid scale battery storage and other flexible energy assets. Andrew is also Co-Founder and Director of ProviderTrust, a US Healthcare software and data management company and Director of Materiom which seeks to grow the availability and adoption of regenerative materials.

Previously Andrew was a Principle with the Boston Consulting Group, within the Energy and Sustainability team. Andrew has a DPhil from the University of Oxford in Physics, Masters degrees from MIT in Aerospace Engineering and Technology Policy and a Bachelors Degree from TCU in Physics and Economics.

Research Interests

Andrew's research interests are in understanding the evolving technical capabilities and limitations of lithium-ion batteries and other energy storage technologies and the impacts of those capabilities and limitations on potential commercial performance in different market contexts.