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Andrew Pilkington


Andrew Pilkington

Postdoctoral Research Assistant



Dr Andrew Pilkington is a Senior Research Associate in the Sustainable Aviation Group in the Oxford Thermofluids Institute. His current research involves solving thermofluids challenges in heat exchangers for hydrogen fuelled aircraft. The research is funded by Innovate UK as part of the LH2GT project.

Previous research involved experimental investigations into other heat transfer challenges relating to gas turbines. Previous projects investigated compressor casing heat transfer (iCORE project) and turbine disc heat transfer (PIPS project).
Dr Pilkington is a college lecturer in engineering at Hertford college, he tutors thermofluids as part of the undergraduate course.

Dr Pilkington completed his DPhil at Oxford university in 2018 and undergraduate degree at Cambridge university in 2012. He has also worked for Rolls-Royce as an air system technologist for large civil aero-engines.