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Thom Building, Department of Engineering Science

Aniq Ahsan BA

DPhil Candidate

TEL: +447480367777


Aniq Ahsan is an A*STAR scholar studying for a DPhil in engineering science. He is works on modelling and simulation for the assessment of long-distance renewable energy farms as part of the energy and power group (EPG) under the supervision of Professor Malcolm McCulloch. Prior to his DPhil, Aniq completed his B.A. in physics at the university of Oxford. He has experience working at various research institutes and government agencies in Singapore including the institute of high performance computing, institute of materials research and engineering, institute of chemical and engineering sciences, and the national climate change secretariat of Singapore (prime minister’s office). Outside of research, Aniq is part of the Oxford University Jiujitsu club, and enjoys science communication and public engagement.

Research Interests

  • Renewable System Sizing
  • Optimal Dispatch
  • Simulation of Large Scale Multi
  • Energy Systems
  • Long Distance Renewable Energy Farms
  • Energy Vectors
  • Decarbonization of Energy Systems
  • Electrification of Transport and Heating

Research Groups

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Awards, prizes and public engagement

  • Scott Prize for performance in the BA examination (Overall Top marks in BA physics Course at Oxford)
  • The Gibbs Prize for practical work in Part B of the BA examination (Top marks for practical work in BA Physics Course at Oxford)
  • A*STAR Chairman's Honours List (The most outstanding NSS (BS) and AUS A*STAR scholars are placed on the Chairman’s Honours List annually)
  • Made questions, promotional videos and judged on a TV show: the National Science Challenge 2017.