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The Institute of Biomedical Engineering


Cathy Ye BEng DPhil

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Fellow of Linacre College

Research Interests

Within the broad research area of tissue engineering and stem cell technologies, Cathy's specific research interests lie in three interconnected areas: in vitro cancer model, biomaterials and bioreactor for tissue engineering and stem cell expansion

Research Groups

Current Projects

  • Engineering human neural networks (BBSRC for 5 years)
  • Development of a smart bioreactor for mammalian adherent cell expansion for application to cell therapy -  Grant (EPSRC First Grant (EP/H021442/1) from 1st Jan 2010 for two years)
  • Development of bone-cartilage interface (EPSRC Studentship)
  • Development of in vitro three-dimensional tumour models – a feasibility study (John Fell Fund, University of Oxford from 1st Oct 2008 for 18 months)