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Profile photo of Chris MacMinn

Associate Professor

Chris MacMinn SB SM PhD

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Non-Tutorial Fellow at University College

TEL: 01865 273908
COLLEGE: University College


Professor Chris MacMinn earned his SB (2005) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after which he spent about one year in engineering consulting, working at Creare LLC and then Navigant Consulting, Inc.

Chris returned to MIT to earn his SM (2008) and PhD (2012) in mechanical engineering, working with Professor Ruben Juanes on the fluid mechanics of geological carbon dioxide storage. He was then a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Yale Climate and Energy Institute at Yale University, where he worked with Professors John Wettlaufer and Eric Dufresne on the mechanics of soft granular materials. Chris was appointed to his current position in late 2013.

Research Interests

Chris' research group studies flow, transport, and deformation in multiphase systems, from subsurface flows (e.g., water and energy resources) to soft porous materials (e.g., the swelling of gels and tissues). They are an
interdisciplinary team of engineers, earth scientists, physicists, and mathematicians, and their goal is to develop physical insight into complex natural and engineering systems by combining mathematical models, numerical simulations, and high-resolution laboratory experiments.

He is active in peer review for a variety of journals across physics, engineering, and geoscience, and serves as a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College.

Current Projects


Understanding the coupling between flow, transport, and deformation in soft porous materials (ERC)


Using fluid-structure interactions to control viscous fingering in soft flow cells (EPSRC)


Investigating bubble migration through soft granular media (The Royal Society)