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Genevieve Hayes

Genevieve Hayes BEng

DPhil Student


Genevieve is a Clarendon Scholar at St John’s College pursuing a DPhil in Engineering Science under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Bulte in the Biomedical Image Analysis Research Cluster. She completed her BASc in Engineering Physics at Queen’s University in 2021 where she focused on developing algorithms to identify cancer tissue in pathological images. She has previously worked on laser imaging robotics and computing at IPG Photonics, AI development for a bionic arm start-up company, cardiac MRI sequencing at the Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre, and deep learning at CERN. Alongside her research Genevieve enjoys staying active through rowing, yoga, and mountaineering.

Research Interests

Genevieve’s research focuses on characterizing neurodegeneration using
magnetic resonance imaging and pupillometry. She is interested in combining these methods with lifestyle factor analyses to identify risk factors of neurological disease, including Alzeimher’s and dementia.

Her research interests include neuroimaging, magnetic resonance imaging, machine learning, and medical instrumentation.

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