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Giovanni Tretola PhD

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


After graduating from the University of Sannio (Benevento, IT) with a degree in Energy Engineering, Dr Tretola pursued his career in energy research, completing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the Imperial College London. His doctoral research, titled "Large Eddy Simulation of atomisation process using the Eulerian Stochastic Fields method", focused on numerical simulations of turbulent sprays through probabilistic approaches.

Following his Ph.D., he conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Brighton, where he worked on th enumerical modelling of multiphase flow at cryogenic conditions. He then moved to Kings’ College London, where he worked on the development of advanced computational techniques to study the liquid/solid interaction.

Dr Tretola currently works as a Research Assistant at University of Oxford, working on Hydrogen Safety through computational fluid dynamic and machine learning methods.

Research Interests

Numerical simulations of:

  • hydrogen jets
  • turbulent sprays
  • liquid/solid interaction
  • flows at supercritical conditions

Research Groups