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Gunshi Gupta

DPhil student, AIMS CDT

I grew up in New Delhi, India where I got my applied-math engineering degree from DTU, New Delhi. After dabbling in software engineering and robotics research for 2 years at Microsoft and IIIT Hyderabad, I joined Mila under Prof Liam Paull’s supervision at the Real and embodied agents lab. My master’s research was on the topics of bayesian deep-learning, meta learning and continual learning. Before joining the AIMS CDT, I’ve been working for a year at the autonomous driving startup Wayve that aims to solve the self-driving problem using end-to-end deep learning. My DPhil research will revolve around the problem of probabilistic and causally-correct learning from data, with a focus on robotics tasks. I love being outdoors and enjoy most physical activities, and while indoors I enjoy reading and cooking.

Profile, Computer Science Department