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Guosheng Ji

Guosheng Ji MPhil BEng

DPhil Student

COLLEGE: Trinity



Guosheng Ji obtained his MPhil degree in Mechanical Engineering and bachelor’s degree in Flying Vehicle Power Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, respectively.

He had research interests in porous acoustic metamaterials (AMs) and micro-electro-mechanical system. For the AMs, the acoustic properties of porous AMs were investigated analytically, by simulation using finite element method and by laboratory tests using microphones in the 2D waveguide, impedance tubes, and microphone arrays. The sound absorption coefficient and transmission loss properties were improved over a wide frequency range. For the micro-electro-mechanical systems, he led a team to design and fabricate a micro solid propellant engine, which improved the thrust efficiency and simplifies the fabrication process.

His current research aims to develop ferroelectric energy harvesters by ferroelectric materials, metamaterials, and micro-electro-mechanical systems. Hopefully, it will improve their energy conversion efficiency in this area.


Research Interests

  • Porous acoustic metamaterials;
  • Micro-electro-mechanical system;
  • Ferroelectrics;
  • Piezoelectrics;
  • Energy harvesting.

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