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Huanming Chen


Huanming Chen BEng DPhil

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Huanming's research focuses on the rate-temperature-dependent investigations on polymers and their composites, dynamic mechanism of structures, additive techniques, impacting and high-rate deformations, and FE modelling on both polymer and polymer composites. Dr Huanming CHEN received his BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering from the University of Nottingham. He obtained the PhD degree in Engineering Science in 2021 from the University of Oxford for his dissertation on thermomechanical behaviours in thermoplastic polyurethane.

Huanming joined the University of Oxford as Postdoctoral Researcher in Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Group in 2022. His current interest spans biodegradable polymers, chemo-mechanical behaviours, hydrolytic mechanism, experimental characterisation, constitutive modelling, designing polymer structures, etc.

Awards and Honours

  • Pitch@Palace 12.0 London Finalist Project Award (2020)
  • Oxford IMAGINEIF! Oxford Bioescalator Third Prize (2019)
  • VentureFest Oxford Best Potential Investment Award (2019)
  • Biomaker Entrepreneurship Challenge Cambridge Best Biology Award (2018)

Most Recent Publications

Research Interests

Dr Huanming CHEN’s research interests are primarily focused on (but not limited to):

  • Experimental mechanics and novel technique development
  • Thermo-mechanical characterisation
  • High-rate/impact experiments on polymer and their composites
  • Failure/fracture mechanism and experiments
  • Constitutive model and FE modelling.

Current Projects

Experimental mechanics and chemo-mechanics of biodegradable polymers:

The project focus on the role of chemo-mechanical couplings on the mechanical and
degradation behaviour of biodegradable polymers, hydrolytic degradation and mechanism modelling for future applications in biodegradable biomedical devices (implants), packaging and agriculture.

Most Recent Publications


  • Chen, H., Song, P., Commins, T., Graham, A., Trivedi, A.R. and Siviour, C.R., 2022. Characterization and modelling of bisphenol-a type epoxy polymer over a wide range of rates and temperatures. Polymer, 249, p.124860.
  • Chen, H., Hart, L.R., Hayes, W. and Siviour, C.R., 2022. Experimental characterisation and modelling of the strain rate dependent mechanical response of a filled thermo-reversible supramolecular polyurethane. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 166, p.104239.
  • Chen, H., Hart, L.R., Hayes, W. and Siviour, C.R., 2021. Mechanical characterisation and modelling of a thermoreversible superamolecular polyurethane over a wide range of rates. Polymer, 221, p.123607.
  • Chen, H., Trivedi, A.R. and Siviour, C.R., 2020. Application of linear viscoelastic continuum damage theory to the low and high strain rate response of thermoplastic polyurethane. Experimental Mechanics, 60(7), pp.925-936.
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Most Recent Publications