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Kevin Page PhD BEng

Senior Researcher, Associate Member of Faculty

Dr Kevin Page studies cultural and societal informatics through interdisciplinary collaborations in the digital humanities. His work on the semantic annotation and distribution of data using web architectures has, through participation in numerous UK, EU, and international projects, been applied across a wide variety of domains including sensor networks, music information retrieval, scholarly texts, clinical healthcare, and remote collaboration for space exploration.

For several years Dr Page has investigated computational methods for the organisation and analysis of music and musical information, with a particular interest in their use for digital musicology. Much of his recent research includes the ‘Music Encoding and Linked Data’ framework - MELD - developed by Dr Page and colleagues during the EPSRC FAST project, and since deployed and developed through his AHRC ‘Unlocking Musicology’ and ‘Digital Delius’ projects. He is currently principal investigator of ‘Beethoven in the House’, an international collaboration funded by the UK AHRC and Germany's DFG, which will expand MELD into the new areas of musicological information gathering. As co-investigator of the ‘Digital Elgar’ project he works alongside colleagues in the Faculty of Music and the National Trust to explore how information narratives can affect a connective context between physical and digital cultural resources.

In 2014 Dr Page co-founded the international Digital Libraries for Musicology conference (DLfM), serving in chairing roles for several years and editing special issues on this and related topics (International Journal of Digital Libraries; Journal of Web Semantics). He has led the Digital Musicology course at the Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School, the first of its kind, since he instigated it in 2015; for the preceding 4 years he coordinated Linked Data provision.

Interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues across academic disciplines and cultural heritage institutions are characteristic of Dr Page’s research. The ‘Linked Art’ initiative, working to create a standard data profile for linking and exchanging information about art, is a collaboration of over 25 institutions within which Dr Page leads the US-UK funded ‘Linked Art II’ project. He has previously served on W3C working groups (LDP, SSN) and advisory committees seeking to harmonise the technical standards and approaches to information sharing.

Underlying many of these applications is the development of information seeking strategies for digital libraries, primarily through the use of knowledge graphs to provide contextual assistance to users. Dr Page was Oxford investigator for the Mellon funded ‘Workset Creation for Scholarly Analysis and Data Capsules’ (WCSA+DC) where, alongside colleagues at the University of Illinois, he explored how these models can be applied to nearly 16 million volumes held in the HathiTrust Digital Library. Large-scale linking of complex and nuanced datasets also motivated Dr Page’s role as in the ‘Mapping Manuscript Migrations’ project, one of the most recent international ‘Digging into Data’ awards.

Research Interests

  • Linked Data, Semantic Web, and Knowledge Graphs
  • Cultural and societal applications of informatics 
  • Digital Musicology
  • Digital Humanities
  • Music Information Retrieval (applied, metadata, symbolic, multimodal)
  • Digital Libraries - theory and practice, Information-seeking behaviours, serendipitous discovery
  • Web architecture and standards
  • Ontology engineering
  • Metadata and web annotation
  • Hypertext and hypermedia
  • REST and API design

Current Projects

Linked Art II: Developing Community, Practice, and Scholarship (Principal Investigator) - an AHRC funded project to model and implement a common information profile for publishing and linking data about art. In collaboration with Yale University (Co-I Dr Rob Sanderson), the Victoria and Albert Museum, National Gallery (UK), Smithsonian Institution, National Gallery of Art (US), Philadelphia Museum of Art, J. Paul Getty Trust, American Numismatic Society, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields.

Beethoven in the House: Digital Studies of Domestic Music Arrangements (Principal Investigator) - studies of domestic music arrangements of the 19th Century using co-developed digital musicology. A partnership with Paderborn University (Dr Johannes Kepper), the Beethoven Haus Bonn (Prof. Christine Siegert), and the RISM Digital Center (Dr Andrew Hankinson), jointly funded by the AHRC and DFG.

Digital Elgar: curating sound and place at a composer birthplace (Co-Investigator) - working with the Faculty of Music (Prof. Daniel Grimley, Dr Joanna Bullivant) and the National Trust to connect physical spaces and music manuscripts to virtual spaces in which music may be seen, heard, and understood.

Past Projects

Research Groups