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Maximilian Farfaras

DPhil Student

TEL: 07384441347
COLLEGE: University College


Max is a DPhil Student pursuing research focusing on sustainable aviation within the Aerothermal Science Group at the Oxford Thermofluids Institute. He aims to enable efficiency improvements to high performance jet engines, with specific interest on high-lift high-pressure turbine blades, providing potential emissions and cost reductions, along with component life improvements. Prior to this, Max was a Master's student at the Whittle Laboratory, University of Cambridge as part of the EPSRC CDT in Future Propulsion and Power.

Max holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa, Canada, where he achieved a High Distinction. His thesis involved novel electric propulsion systems and high film effectiveness combustor liners in aircraft engines in collaboration with the Aerospace Research Centre at the National Research Council. Max has also conducted several internships spanning the aerospace, automotive, marine, and power generation industries, working for both private companies and government organizations in Canada and the United States.

Research Interests

  • Turbomachinery Aerodynamics
  • High-Speed Aerothermodynamics
  • Unsteady 3D Flows
  • Turbine Cooling
  • Sustainable Propulsion
  • Higher Mach and Reynolds Number Flows

Current Projects

High-Lift High-Pressure Turbine Blades for Future Aircraft Engines: Taking a multi-disciplinary approach to the aerothermal performance of novel high-lift, high-pressure turbine blades, targeting lower emissions and cost while extending component life in collaboration with Rolls-Royce.

Research Groups