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Dr Ming (Eric) Jiang


Ming (Eric) Jiang MEng MSc

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Mr Ming (Eric) Jiang is currently a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Engineering Science of University of Oxford, funded by Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). His work mainly includes investigating the thermomechanical properties of novel materials at multiple length scales for nuclear and aerospace applications.

Before joining the Department of Engineering Science in 2024, he completed his PhD study in the School of Physics of University of Bristol with a PhD thesis entitled 'Microstructural and Property Evolution of Nuclear Graphite under Extreme Conditions'. The main area of research in his PhD thesis is the irradiation-induced damage and microstructural evolution as well as mechanical property evolution at elevated temperatures up to 1100°C in modern fine-grained nuclear graphite materials. These fine-grained graphite materials are candidate target materials for multi-megawatt (MW) class proton accelerators and key engineering materials for advanced graphite moderated nuclear fission reactors including HTGRs, VHTRs and MSRs.

Apart from his academia study, he is and has been actively working with several industrial collaborators on nuclear graphite and TRISO fuel particle researches, including U.S. Fermilab, UK NNL, EDF Energy, ISIS Neutron and Muon Source and UKAEA.

Mr Ming Jiang obtained his Master of Engineering (MEng) and Master of Science (MSci) both from University of Bristol.

Research Interests

  • Advanced materials for nuclear and aerospace applications including nuclear graphite, TRISO fuel particles and ceramic matrix materials.

  • Fracture mechanics and fracture micromechanisms in these novel materials and in situ mechanical testing at elevated temperatures.

  • Applying novel experimental and numerical approaches at multiple length scales to study the thermomechanical property of these novel materials that have experienced extreme working environment.

Current Projects

  • DUNE-LBNF Phase II
  • EDF Energy graphite testing
  • NNL TRISO particle

Related Academics


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