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Researcher, Muting Hao


Muting Hao BSc DPhil MSc

Career development Research Fellow

TEL: +447536140530
COLLEGE: St John's College


Dr Muting Hao came to Oxford and joined the CFD Methodology group in 2017, holding a BSc in Energy and Power Engineering, and a Master degree in turbomachinery from China. Muting received a Dphil in Oxford Thermalfluid Institute at University of Oxford in 2022, specialised on numerical methods and conjugate heat transfer in film cooling of gas turbine (sponsored by Rolls Royce).

After that, Muting worked as a PDRA in OTI at University of Oxford, working on high bypass ratio turbofan design under the UKRI scheme. In December 2023, Muting was awarded the UKRI Computing Insight UK 2023 Jacky Pallas Award. Muting will then start as a Career Development Research Fellow in Oxford from October 2024.

Research Interests

Muting Hao’s research focuses on numerical methods in turbomachinery, turbine cooling, conjugate heat transfer, turbofan design, LES, turbulence, and heat transfer.

Muting has so far studied unsteady flows in applications including gas turbines, compressors, stream turbines and nuclear reactor coolant pump. Muting will continue focus on aerospace CFD research.

Current Projects

  • High bypass ratio turbofan
  • Gas turbine film cooling
  • Conjugate heat transfer

Research Groups

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