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Nicola Courtier


Nicola Courtier PhD, MMath

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Dr Nicola Courtier obtained an MMath from the University of Oxford in 2014 before moving to the University of Southampton to study for a PhD in Mathematical Sciences, supported by the CDT in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics. She was subsequently awarded an EPSRC Doctoral Prize to continue her research on charge transport models of perovskite solar cells.

Nicola developed her interest in lithium-ion batteries when she joined the Faraday Institution’s Nextrode project to study the manufacture of lithium-ion battery electrodes. She is currently working on the optimisation and analysis of lithium-ion battery models as part of the Multi-scale Modelling project.

Research Interests

Dr Nicola Courtier is interested in mathematical models of the physical processes that occur in energy generation and storage technologies. Her current research focuses on parameter estimation and analysis of continuum-level models for lithium-ion batteries. The aim of this work is to gain insight into battery model behaviour and improve the accuracy of predictions.

Nicola previously studied the effects of intrinsic ion migration on the current-voltage characteristics and performance of perovskite solar cells by employing a combination of asymptotic analysis and numerical modelling.

Research Groups

Current Projects

Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the Faraday Institution’s Multi-scale Modelling project, aiming to develop new theoretical and numerical approaches to identifiability analysis and parameter estimation for application to lithium-ion battery models.


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