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Radostin Stoyanov

Radostin Stoyanov MEng MPhil

DPhil Candidate


Radostin Stoyanov is a DPhil student at the University of Oxford and a member of Somerville College. His research focuses on securing satellite communications with in-network computing. Before joining Oxford, Radostin received his MPhil degree in Advanced Computer Science from University of Cambridge in 2020, and his MEng degree in Computing Science from University of Aberdeen in 2019. His master's research explored virtualization in programmable network devices and secure image-less container migration.


Research Interests

  • In-network computing
  • Software defined networking
  • High-performance networks
  • Programmable data plane virtualization
  • Enterprise and data-center networks
  • Programmable network devices
  • Network virtualization
  • Distributed Systems

Research Groups


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Awards and Prizes