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Profile photo of Professor Roger Reed


Roger Reed FREng

Professor of Engineering Science

Professorial Research Fellow

Fellow of St Anne's College

TEL: 01865 613069
COLLEGE: St Anne's College


Professor Roger Reed is a world leader in the engineering and science of high-temperature alloys, particularly the design and processing of nickel superalloys, which are ubiquitous in the aero-engine and power-generation industries. His sustained efforts in process modelling have been instrumental in the impact on industrial practice.

His pioneering work via ‘alloys-by-design’ approaches has transformed understanding of the high temperature capabilities of these materials to resist creep deformation and degradation, and led to both improved and new corrosion-resistant superalloys. This has provided better properties, lighter components, elevated engine efficiencies, and reduced emissions with substantial and sustained engineering and societal impact.

Research Interests

  • The materials science and engineering of structural materials, particularly those for high temperature application
  • The design, structure & constitution, mechanical behaviour and processing of these materials and components made from them, and also the inter-relationship between these topics
  • Emphasis on the numerical analysis of these phenomena using both purpose-built software and commercial codes
  • Validation of numerical models using targetted experimentation using novel techniques
  • Microstructural instabilities in these systems as a consequence of phase transformations and damage accumulation, both during service and during processing