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Samuel Brody

DPhil Student

COLLEGE: New College


Samuel Brody completed a bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering and applied mathematics at the United States Air Force Academy in 2022. He joined the Oxford Thermofluids Institue in October 2022 as a DPhil candidate in the CFD and Hypersonics groups researching numerical simulation of stagnation line flows in thermochemical non-equilibrium. He is supervised by Luca di Mare and Matthew McGilvray.

Research Interests

  • Transpiration cooling
  • Non-equilbrium hypersonic flows
  • Thermochemical modeling

Current Projects

  • Numerical Simulation of Transpiration Cooling on Stagnation Line in Thermochemical Non-Equilibrium: due to technical and cost challenges for experiments and flight testing, an efficient numerical tool can provide useful information on the performance of transpiration cooling as a thermal protection system across varying altitude, atmosphere, and flight velocity.

  • Collision Integrals and Analysis of Intermolecular Orbiting for Polar Species Using the Stockmayer Potential: the computation of collision integrals is a pivotal step in determining transport properties for multi-component gases; the use of a potential function suitable to polar species for these computations is important for accurate modeling of the heating and aerodynamics of vehicles undergoing atmospheric entry and sustained hypersonic flight.