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Sara Abdelaziz Profile Photo

Sara Abdelaziz

DPhil Candidate

Sara is a recipient of the Schlumberger Scholarship through the Faculty for the Future program, and she is currently pursuing a DPhil in Engineering Science. Her area of research centers on developing future plans for renewable energy sources that consider the effects of climate change and the necessary siting criteria to reach the net-zero target.

Sara holds a diploma and MSc in Engineering Mathematics from Ain Shams University in Egypt. Sara’s professional experience extends for over eight years across multiple fields. Sara has worked as an Assistant Lecturer at the British University in Egypt, teaching engineering and computer science students’ mathematics courses. In addition, she has non-academic experience at the Arab Open University in Egypt and in multinational companies such as Motorola and Redcon Construction Company. Currently, Sara is being sponsored by a prestigious fund from Schlumberger, which aims to advance gender equality in STEM by empowering women to pursue higher education.

Research Interests

• Renewable Energy
• Wind turbine
• Big Data
• Data Science
• Machine Learning
• Optimization

Current Projects

The research project utilizes various quantitative and optimization methods to demonstrate how offshore wind farms' spatial planning could be vulnerable to extreme weather events driven by climate change. This is achieved by combining existing siting research, which incorporates social, environmental, and economic criteria, along with financial feasibility assessments, with predictions regarding the likelihood of future extreme weather events. By doing so, the study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of wind energy production in the coming years.

Research Groups

Energy and Environmental ICT Advanced e-infrastructure & Cloud Computing

1. Scholarship from Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future program.
2. Leaders in science scholarship from Al- Alfy foundation in Egypt.