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Shuangyi Tong

Shuangyi Tong BMath

DPhil Student


Shuangyi obtained his Bachelor of Mathematics degree at the University of Waterloo in Canada. He studied pure mathematics, combinatorics and optimization as majors in Waterloo. During his 5-year undergraduate program, he had experience working in multiple industry software positions and computer system research. He also has a great interest in neuroscience research. After finishing his research internship in the brain-inspired AI lab at KAIST, he decided to pursue further training in computational neuroscience and make contributions to this exciting research field.

He started his DPhil course in 2020 under the supervision of Prof Ben Seymour and Prof Timothy Denison. His current research focuses on modelling pain mechanisms that serve as one of the foundations for closed-loop neuromodulation treatment for pain. He utilises new technology like virtual reality to develop immersive tasks. This VR experiment infrastructure with extensive sensors and stimulation methods is transferrable to various neurophysiological research.


Research Interests

  • Real-time interactive VR neurophysiological system development
  • Pain modulation and decision-making problem modelling in immersive VR tasks
  • Virtual embodiment for pain and pain relief through VR