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Tim Hageman BSc MSc PhD

Departmental Lecturer

COLLEGE: Wolfson College


Tim Hageman is a departmental lecturer and 1851 research fellow at the University of Oxford. Prior to this, he was a research associate at Imperial College London. He obtained his PhD at the university of Sheffield, developing multi-scale models for poroelasticity.

His research focusses on developing novel finite element schemes for a wide range of multi-physics and multi-scale problems, among which hydraulic fracturing processes within ice sheets, hydrogen embrittlement and failure of metals, and corrosion processes. These applications all have in common that they include the interactions between materials themselves and the environment they are contained within. As a result, numerical schemes being developed to capture this not only require obtaining accurate solutions for the behaviour of the material itself, but also solve for the changes and response of the environment. This combines modelling of the coupled physics of the problem with numerical techniques to ensure stable and accurate simulations.

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Research Interests

  • Computational multi-physics and multi-scale modelling
  • Material-Environment interactions
  • Electrochemistry and Corrosion
  • Computational Glaciology
  • Numerical discretisation, stabilisation, and solution methods