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Wenjia Du BEng MSc PhD

Faraday Research Fellow


Prior to Oxford employment as a Faraday Research Fellow, Wenjia Du took PhD and PDRA training at Hull and UCL. He is an experimentalist in energy and engineering materials, and a professional X-ray specialist who uses X-rays across multiple lengths and time scales at both the laboratory and synchrotron.

Wenjia Du is a metallurgist and microscopist, and recently developed an international track record in energy storage devices (Li-sulfur batteries, solid-state batteries, and zinc batteries), energy conversion devices (fuel cells), and green chemistry technologies (circular economy of Li-ion batteries and electrochemical reduction), collaborating with multiple universities and industrial sectors funded by the UKRI, EPSRC, Royal Society, and Innovate UK. He has been endorsed by the RAEng as an Exceptional Promise and holds the STFC Experimental Design Grant and Alan Turing Enrichment Award. He is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the UKRI Peer Review College.


Research Interests

  • Energy devices and materials (batteries and fuel cells)
  • Engineering materials (alloys and composites)
  • Multiscale X-ray imaging techniques
  • Sustainability (circular economy of batteries)

Current Projects

Wenjia Du is part of the Faraday ReLiB programme to develop novel diagnostic tools for battery reuse and recycling.

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