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Yongxiu Chen PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Yongxiu Chen obtained his PhD degree in Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science in June 2019. The research in his PhD focused on the inhibition of lithium dendrites in rechargeable batteries. Following this, he focused on experimental parameterization for battery physical models for in the Energy Materials Group of University of Birmingham from October 2019 to January 2024. Currently, he is investigating the nucleation and propagation of failure in Li-ion batteries, and to explore the complex interplay between battery degradation and battery safety in University of Oxford.

Research Interests

  • Energy storage on lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery
  • Thermal mapping
  • X-ray characterization; dendrite inhibition
  • Electrolyte modification
  • Electrode and material design
  • Catalyst design
  • COMSOL simulation
  • MATLAB coding

Current Projects

Battery safety and degradation on Safebatt funded by Faraday institution.

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