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Zhi Kai Pong

Zhi Kai Pong MEng

DPhil Student

TEL: 07936682054


Zhi Kai obtained his Master of Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London in June 2020. He worked on the topic of “Image Reconstruction Analysis for Lissajous-scanned Images” for his graduation project. He also took part in a summer research programme on thermoelectric power generation of graded Si-Ge Nanowire and a software internship at Cirrus Logic during his studies.

Zhi Kai joined the Dynamic Optics and Photonics group as a DPhil student in October 2020. He is supervised by Professor Martin Booth and Dr Patrick Salter. His current research is on the fabrication of quantum optical devices assisted by ultra-short pulse lasers. He is a member of Keble College, Oxford.

Research Interests

  • Quantum optical devices
  • Direct laser writing using
    ultra-short pulse lasers
  • Application of adaptive optics to laser fabrication

Current Projects

Fabrication of directional couplers

Building on previous work in the group, the goal is to explore the limits of fabricating such devices and reduce the variance in device quality.

Modelling of waveguide behaviour

Simulate waveguides using COMSOL and compare results with experiments to gain insight into how device geometry and parameters affects guiding behaviour.

Research Groups

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