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Taster lectures and labs

Full lecture theatre of students

Taster lectures and labs

As a student you study a wide variety of Engineering topics at Oxford to give you a broad knowledge across the specialisms. Have a look at some of our taster lectures below to see what you could be learning about here and see how it fits in with the rest of the course in the Course Structure section and the other ways in which you are taught.

Lab taster activities

Here are some lab taster activities you can try at home!

Find out more about our labs.

Taster lectures


Civil Engineering

Professor Orestis Adamidis

Climate and energy Engineering

Dr Sarah Sparrow


Can an arch stand up?

Professor Tom Adcock


Robotics Engineering

Professor Nick Hawes


Analysis and modelling of human body movement

Professor Amy Zavatsky


Mechanical Engineering

Professor Felix Leach


Control Engineering

Professor Harrison Steel


Biomedical Engineering

Professor James Kwan


Quantum Engineering

Professor Dorian Gangloff


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Professor Daniel Bulte


Chemical Engineering

Professor Aidong Yang