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Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities during the course

Aren Karapetyan demonstrating drone flight path planning and control to prospective undergraduates at the Department’s Open Da

Project and design work have a special role in training engineers to make things function. Projects can promote the development of a fundamental engineering attitude which cannot be conveyed in any other way. This is the awareness that engineers are concerned with, not merely with obtaining correct answers to calculations but with taking creative and responsible decisions based upon all available knowledge.


I am working on an exciting coding project with OxRAM. We are currently writing code that will control a robotic arm to complete simple tasks like move blocks, but we hope that we can eventually program more complicated tasks like playing a game of surgeon simulator.

Becky, 2nd year, LMH

Over the summer I had the opportunity to do a research project with one of my tutors, where I developed a Deep Learning image classifier to detect foreign objects (zips, jewellery etc.) in Chest X-rays. You can check out an article I wrote with a fellow engineer about it on medium titled ‘Project Roadmap for X-Ray Classifiers: MICCAI Educational Challenge’.

Solace, 3rd year, St Peter’s College

Currently as part of my third-year project I’m working on designing a realistic prosthetic skin to go over a mechanical prothesis. It’s a super cool project and as part of my management module I also get to look at the marketing, sales, and market entry approach for the product too! The whole idea was created from scratch, and we had a lot of creative freedom to take the design in the direction we wanted. We’ve decided to try to integrate a circuit into the finger of the skin to make it touchscreen compatible – very exciting!

Daffodil, 3rd year, Wadham

"Last summer I worked in a research group writing code to identify tumours on MRI images from cancer patients, as part of a project to find new techniques for diagnosis and treatment. This was a fantastic experience and has made me want to discover even more about the multiple potential applications of engineering in the healthcare sector."

Felix, 4th Year, Balliol College

"My 3rd year project was on the design of a beam profile monitor for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. We designed a magnet arrangement to focus a curtain of paramagnetic gas. I’ve never done anything like that before and the application is really cool!"

Rosie, 4th year, University College