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Engineering Science at Oxford Virtual Open Day: Current Engineering Science undergraduate student Dami describes her 1st year project

Electric circuit typewriter printing a picture of a robot

1st Year project: The XY Plotter

"During my second term, I got the opportunity to participate in the XY Plotter project. It was an 8-week programme focused on designing, building and programming a device that draws.

I was actually really nervous about labs before coming to university and I also love art so when I found out about the project I signed up and it was such a great experience!

The first aspect of the project involved using SolidWorks to design parts for the device. I found this really useful because I felt more confident using it when designing a bridge later in the term. We spent a couple of weeks on the electrical components which was fun because I enjoy soldering.

The rest of the project was spent at the Oxford Robotics Institute. The first session was really enlightening because we saw some amazing robotics projects and learnt about 3D printing. The most challenging and exciting part for me was building the device. It was a continuous process of testing and adjusting it. I broke many parts but by the end of the project I was able to get the device to draw different patterns which was satisfying. The project coordinators were so helpful!

It was great because I felt independent but really supported. The XY plotter is an example of the many opportunities to develop your skills and engage in interesting projects outside of your course at the department. I finished the project feeling more confident and I look forward to creating other things in the future and destroying less parts in the process!"

Dami, Jesus College