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Students describe why they choose to study Engineering Science at Oxford

Why did you choose to study Engineering at Oxford?

We asked our students

Describe student life at Oxford

We asked our students

What advice would you give to someone applying?

We asked our students

What is life in college like?

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What opportunities has Oxford given you?

We asked our students

Heather, 4th Year, my advice to students

Amelie, Hertford College

I completed an independent research project on Electric Vehicles, researching and evaluating battery and charging technologies that could accelerate their uptake in accordance with government objectives. This was my first real interaction and exploration of engineering, and I loved reading about different technologies (such as dynamic wireless charging i.e., having charging lanes that you drive over) and understanding the challenges that surrounds integrating new technologies into society.

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"Growing up, Oxford was never touted as an option or achievable. Even worse, it was always seen as a place full of posh, white, 'nerds' from private schools. As a State-School Burmese Rohingya from Tower Hamlets, I am the opposite and yet I got in. I want to show to a lot of these students that people from their background can not just make it, but also thrive. I want to see Oxford become a more diverse place, and the only way for that to happen is if people see people like themselves get in."

Nobel Basser (MEng 2016-2020)