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The Cryogenic Engineering Group research and the people involved, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford

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Cryogenic Engineering

Our Research

Since 1978 the Cryogenic Engineering Group has concentrated on mechanical refrigeration systems of very high reliability that can operate for more than ten years without maintenance. Our linear compressor technology uses a flexure spring system to support the piston and maintain a small radial clearance between piston and cylinder. The compressors operate without wear and do not require lubrication. The compressors drive Stirling Cycle and Pulse Tube refrigerators are used to cool satellite-based instruments for earth and astronomical observation. The technology is also used in Stirling engines.

The motors and generators use either a moving coil or a moving magnet. The moving magnet motors can be cheaply mass produced. This may allow linear compressors to be used in very efficient vapour cycle refrigerators for domestic and light commercial applications.

The Cryogenic group has also developed a novel form of solar concentrator that uses a pair of single curvature reflectors that can be used to generate a stationary point focus. This simplifies manufacture of the reflector and has the additional advantage of a stationary focus.

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