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Richard Stone Professor of Engineering Science


Richard Stone DPhil (Oxon) MA

Professor of Engineering Science

Tutorial Fellow at Somerville College

TEL: 01865 273139


Professor Richard Stone studied Engineering at the University of Cambridge, and was sponsored by the MoD with a thick sandwich course. He completed a DPhil in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, and his research on boiling heat transfer continued as a Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College.

From 1982-93, Richard was a Lecturer and latterly Senior Lecturer at Brunel University before becoming a University Lecturer in Engineering Science and Fellow of Somerville College.

He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Power and Energy, serving as Editor from 2012-16.


  • Sugden Award 2010 “Quantitative planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging of multi-component fuel/air mixing in a firing gasoline-direct-injection engine: Effects of residual exhaust gas on quantitative PLIF” Combustion and Flame, 157: 1866-1878 (2010).
  • Sugden Award 2014 “High precision in-cylinder gas thermometry using laser induced gratings: Quantitative measurement of evaporative cooling with gasoline/alcohol blends in a GDI optical engine” Combustion and Flame, Vol. 161, pages 270-279, (2014).


  • The 4th Meeting of the UK Fluids Network SIG on Sprays was held at the University of Oxford on the 18th and 19th of September 2018. Find out more.
  • Most recent invited plenary lecture:  ‘Optical Techniques that can be Applied to Investigate GDI Engine Combustion’; SAE  ICE 2017 - 13th International Conference on Engines


Research Interests

Richard's research interests mostly concern Gasoline Direct Injection Engines (Sprays, Mixture Preparation, Combustion, Particulate Emissions), but with a side interest in Laminar Burning Velocity measurements and Vehicle Systems (such as modelling hybrid vehicles) and Longitudinal Studies of Vehicle Technology.

He also collaborates with the Cryogenic Engineering group on Stirling cycle devices (coolers and engines).


Richard is Principal Investigator on the following projects:

  • EP/N017013/1 Oxford Pulse Tube Incorporating COaxial Regenerator (OPTICOR)
  • HyPACE Hybrid Petrol Advanced Combustion Engine
  • Micro CHP

DPhil Opportunities

I am open to taking on DPhil students with an interest in:

  • Flows, sprays and combustion in engines and test rigs
  • Gasoline direct injection engines
  • Laminar combustion studies
  • Stirling type devices in cryogenic and power applications