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The Optical Communications Group research and people involved

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Optical Communications

Our Research

Our research focuses on using light for wireless communications. The demand for wireless communications is growing exponentially, and systems that use light can meet this demand. We investigate future indoor systems for a range of applications; for extremely high data rate systems for applications such as virtual reality; lower data rate systems for the Internet of Things, and free-space quantum communications.

Work includes theoretical analysis, novel receivers that use single photon detectors and new optical concentrator designs, holographic beamsteering and range of subsystems and systems integration experiments.

The research group is based at the Department of Engineering Science and has connections to many other research groups across the United Kingdom and Internationally. We are members of the Quantum Communications Hub, based in York, have significant collaborations with the University of St Andrews, and are members of the ElioT and WORTECS H2020 projects. The group is also a member of the Oxford Optics and Photonics Network.

Internet of Things  -  Wireless Communications  -  Quantum Communications

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