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New papers from Control Group to appear at international conferences this summer

Recent works from the Control group have been accepted for presentation at leading international conferences this summer, including the European Control Conference, American Control Conference, and at the 25th International Symposium on MTNS. The papers cover some of the breadth of topics studied in the Control group, including Model Predictive Control, reinforcement learning at the edge, data-driven optimization and control, and application areas ranging from Electron Beam Stabilization to VTOL Aircraft Control. 

At the European Control Conference (2022), London

Title: Federated reinforcement learning at the edge: Exploring the learning-communication tradeoff
K. Gatsis

Title: Safeguarded Anderson acceleration for parametric nonexpansive operators
Authors: M. Garstka, M. Cannon and P. Goulart

Title: A multirate variational approach to nonlinear MPC
Authors: Y. Lishkova, M. Cannon and S. Ober-Blobaum

Title: Verification of safety critical control policies using kernel methods
Authors: N. Vertovec, S. Ober-Blobaum, and K. Margellos

Title: A time-triggered dimension reduction algorithm for the task assignment problem
Authors: H. Wang, K. Margellos, and A. Papachristodoulou

Title: Learning Equilibria with Personalized Incentives in a Class of Nonmonotone Games
Authors: F. Fabiani, A. Simonetto, P. Goulart

Title: Model Predictive Control for Electron Beam Stabilization in a Synchrotron
Authors: I. Kempf, P. Goulart, S. Duncan, M. Abbot

Title: Safeguarded Anderson Acceleration for Parametric Nonexpansive Operators
Authors: M. Garstka, M. Cannon, P.Goulart

Title: Burer-Monteiro ADMM for Large-Scale Diagonally Constrained SDPs
Authors: Y. Chen, P. Goulart

Title: An Early Termination Technique for ADMM in Mixed Integer Conic Programming
Authors: Y. Chen, P. Goulart

At the American Control Conference (2022), Atlanta


Title: Fast optimal trajectory generation for a tiltwing VTOL aircraft with application to urban air mobility
Authors: M. Doff-Sotta, M. Cannon and M. Basic


Other 2022 Conferences

Title: Future trends in MPC I & II (invited session)
Authors: M. Schulze Darup and M. Cannon