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Oxford Air Quality Meeting: FULLY BOOKED


Keble College, Oxford

Date & Time

Friday 10 Jan 2020 - Friday 10 Jan 2020

Drawing together experts in vehicle emissions, air quality measurement, public health, and policy. The Oxford Air Quality Meeting aims to draw together four different groups of people:

  • People who measure and know about air quality
  • People who know about how vehicles emit
  • People who understand the effects of air pollution on humans
  • People trying to implement  real-world solutions

The aim is to facilitate interactions and discussions across a wide range of stake holders in the air quality field. Recent advances in real driving emissions measurement mean that greater understanding of roadside vehicle emissions is being developed. In addition low cost air quality sensing and an increasing insight into how various pollutants effect humans mean that the evidence base is growing rapidly.

The Oxford Air Quality Meeting will bring together all of these groups, alongside policy makers to enable future improvements in Air Quality.

Conference Sessions:

Session 1 – Air Quality and measurement


Session 2 – Emissions


Session 3 – Health Effects & Policy


Session 4 – Implementation, Communication and Engagement


Organising Committee

Felix Leach, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, with

Pedro Abreu, Oxford City Council

Jake Backus, Empathy Sustainability

Suzanne Bartington, University of Birmingham

Mai Jarvis, Oxford City Council

Kayla Schulte, University of Oxford