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Postdoctoral researcher wins award to participate in Optics and Photonics conference

Dr Biswajit Pathak will present recent work on compressive imaging at the “Humboldt meets Leibniz – Emerging Topics in Optics and Photonics” symposium

Dr Biswajit Pathak

Postdoctoral Researcher Dr Biswajit Pathak has been selected for the prestigious Humboldt meets Leibniz Award to present recent work on compressive imaging at the symposium “Humboldt meets Leibniz – Emerging Topics in Optics and Photonics” to be held in Hannover, Germany from June 12-14, 2022.

Compressive imaging is an emerging computational super-resolution method which can provide robustness to noise, faster volumetric imaging and increased resilience to external perturbation using foci illumination, in comparison to speckle illumination in a multimode fiber based endo-microscopy system.

The symposium is organized by Leibniz University in collaboration with Volkswagen Foundation and with support from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The event aims to ‘connect talent across generations’, with 14 Award winners with a research focus in optics and photonics answering questions from 150 selected PhD students and postdocs from around the world. Researchers will discuss questions such as: Will the 21st Century be the age of optics? Will we be able to overcome the current limitations in designing and manufacturing optical devices at the microscale?

Dr Pathak’s current research work involves the design and implementation of new adaptive optics based optical microscope system for neuroscience applications. He works in the Dynamic Optics and Photonics Group with Professor Martin Booth. The work for which Dr Pathak has received the award was done in collaboration with Dr. Raphael Turcotte from Tech4Health Institute, New York. Dr Pathak says of the award, “I am glad to be selected for this award as the symposium is uniquely designed to bring together talent across generations, thereby giving an opportunity to interact and share our research findings with Alexander von Humboldt award winners and brilliant young researchers from across the world”.

Dr Pathak has also been recently selected as an Event Officer for Optica in the Holography and Diffractive Optics technical group. Optica is a leading society for Optics and Photonics which was formerly known as Optical Society of America (OSA). He says about this position, “The field of Holography has wide range of applications from communications to imaging and to serve as an event officer for this group would give me an opportunity to lead the organization of technical and networking events at different Optica meetings and identify potential topics and speakers”.