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Engineering Science tutors receive awards for Excellence in Teaching at virtual ‘away-day’

Over 100 nominations for awards made by undergraduates and academic colleagues

A collage of academics who won the Teaching Awards this year

Some of the Engineering Science tutors who received 2020 Teaching Awards

For the second year running, our Engineering Science undergraduates were asked to nominate their tutors and other teaching staff for departmental Teaching Awards.

Over 100 nominations were received by the Excellence in Teaching and Citizenship Committee, which is comprised of Faculty members, undergraduates nominated by the JCC and the Deputy Administrator (Academic). The Awards were presented to the academics and teaching staff at a virtual Faculty ‘Away-Day’ in July.

Committee Chair and Associate Head of Department (Teaching), Professor Stephen Payne, said of the awards this year, "It was very pleasing to see that the enthusiasm generated by these awards last year, when they were made for the first time, was maintained this year, even in the middle of the lockdown. We had well over 100 nominations from students again and a number from academic members of staff who nominated their colleagues”.

The Teaching Awards reflect the Department’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in our teaching. Professor Payne adds, “The nominations showed that there is a very broad and high level of teaching within the department and it's a real pleasure to recognise those colleagues who go above and beyond the call of duty”.

The Awards were given in three categories: Gold, for outstanding contributions and teaching quality; Silver, for outstanding contributions or teaching quality; and Bronze, for excellent contributions or teaching quality. There were also three Honourable Mentions. The teaching staff who received awards for 2019/20 are:


Professor Ekaterina Shamonina

Associate Professor Kostas Margellos

Associate Professor Paul Goulart


Professor David Murray

Professor David Wallom

Associate Professor Laurence Brassart


Professor Pawan Mudigonda

Associate Professor Nick Hawes

Dr Brian Sheil

Honourable Mentions

Associate Professor Perla Maiolino

Professor Zhong You

Teaching and Design Engineer Izzi Mear

Top row: Professor Kostas Margellos, Professor Laurence Brassart, Professor David Wallom

Middle row: Professor Perla Maiolino, Dr Brian Sheil, Professor Pawan Mudigonda

Bottom row: Professor Paul Goulart, Professor Zhong You, Professor Nick Hawes