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Associate Professor David Wallom


David Wallom BSc DPhil (Bristol)

Associate Professor

MCR Kellogg College

TEL: 01865 610601


Prof David Wallom is Associate Professor and Associate Director – Innovation of the Oxford eResearch Centre, where he leads two seperate research groups Energy and Environmental ICT and Advanced e-infrastructure & Cloud Computing.

He has led over 55 research projects in areas such as Cloud utilisation, Cybersecurity, Smart Energy Grids, Research Data Management, Green IT, ICT Security and Institutional Repositories. He is a member of the
GCHQ recognized Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security and the UK Space Agency Ground segment Advisory Group.

David is the academic Board Member of the HEFCE Institute for Environmental Analytics, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Norweigan Information for Action e-Science Centre and a member of the SAB for the NEGI Tools for Investigating Climate Change at High Northern Latitudes (eSTICC) & Ensemble-based Methods for Environmental Monitoring and Prediction (EmblA) centres. He is also Co-Editor in Chief of the Elsevier journal SoftwareX.

Research Interests

David has a diverse set of research interests with research projects either ongoing or recently completed in all of them.

Advanced e-Infrastructure and Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Computing technology and systems
  • Cloud/e-infrastructure Policy and Education
  • Cyber-security
  • IoT
  • Active Research Data Management
  • Volunteer Computing & Desktop Grids

Energy and Environmental Informatics

  • Energy Services
  • Smart Metering
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Citizen Science
  • Climate Change Impact

David is the Founding Editor in Chief of the Elsevier SoftwareX journal.

Current Projects

CyberWatching (EC H2020, Co-I)

Understanding the EC and EU-27 Cybersecurity R&I landscape

Data Management in intel (InnovateUK KTP, PI)

Transforming an information led SME towards a total information management solution.

Drivers Of Change In mid-Latitude weather Events (NERC, Co-I)

Developing the next higher resolution global climate model for CPDN.

Extreme Weather (The Nature Conservancy, CoI)

Understanding the effect of anthropogenic climate change on the Amazonian basin and strategies for mitigation of effects.

Forest Mortality and Environmental Change (US NIFA, Co-I)

Connecting climate change to economic effects in the NW US timber industry.

Globally Observed Teleconnections and their role, (Belmont/NERC, Co-I)

Understanding the long term connections between climate events and weather.

Long Term Undulations versus secular change in Chinese Climate, LOTUS-China (MetOffice, Co-I)

Developing the science to support climate services in China.

Trusted Public Cloud (InnovateUK KTP, PI)

Creating cryptographically secure public cloud systems.

World Weather Attribution (Climate Central inc, Co-I)

Generating near to real time attribution statements on the link between extreme weather events and climate change.