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Nature-Inspired Chemical Engineering and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Chemical Engineering DPhil students present their work and engage with peers at UCL's One-Day Workshop ' Tackling Grand Challenges'

On 19 June, a group of Oxford’s Chemical Engineering DPhil students visited the Center for Nature-Inspired Chemical Engineering at UCL in London.

During this one-day workshop titled 'Tackling Grand Challenges', students visited several experimental labs, learned about the NICE (Nature-Inspired Chemical Engineering) framework, and presented their work in a 3-minute thesis form.

In addition, students had the opportunity to engage with peers who were researching in similar areas - health, water, energy, and greenhouse gas sequestration - shared themes across modern chemical engineering research and global sustainable development needs.

The workshop organisation was a joint effort by DPhil students Gayatri Sundar Rajan, Haris Saeed and Yi Qin from Oxford and post-doctoral researchers Nidhi Kapil and Matthew Chin from UCL.

Gayatri, a Clarendon Scholar working with Professor Nick Hankins and Dr Binjian Nie, says, "We hope that this event is one of a series of collaborations and exchanges between Oxford & UCL as students identify areas of synergy between their work. The Oxford group was grateful for the welcome of the UCL Center for Nature-Inspired Chemical Engineering! And, we hope to host our UCL colleagues in Oxford in the coming year."