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Alexander M. Korsunsky MA DPhil CEng FInstP

Professor of Engineering Science

Vice-President and Fellow of Trinity College


Alexander received his DPhil in Engineering Science from Merton College, University of Oxford in 1995. He then held a Junior Research Fellowship at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. In 1999 he returned to Oxford to lead his own research group in the Department of Engineering Science, focusing on the study of materials structure and processes using optical, electron, ion, neutron and X-ray beams.

He is Fellow of Trinity College and Fellow of the Institute of Physics, UK, and member of EPSRC peer review college. He is Senior Visiting Scientist at Diamond Light Source (UK synchrotron), where he has been named a 'leading light' for his contributions to UK X-ray science.

Alexander is Editor-in-Chief of Materials & Design, an open access Elsevier journal (2020 IF 6.289).


Research Interests

  • Materials structure and processes across the hierarchy of scales
  • Dislocations and other defects in solids: imaging and simulation
  • Fatigue, fracture, damage, creep and other degradation phenomena in solids - and the means of quantifying, predicting, and controlling them
  • Residual stresses, and eigenstrain theory as a means of describing and evaluating residual stresses and their effects on structural integrity and functional behaviour
  • Surfaces, coatings, thin films, (nano)indentation, scanning probe microscopies
  • (Synchrotron) X-ray methods (diffraction, imaging, spectroscopy)
  • New advanced Materials by Design : synthesis, fabrication, use


Current Projects :

  • CARIES - Computational Mechanics, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, Materials Engineering, Micromechanics
  • ASiMoV - Computational Mechanics, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, Materials Engineering, Micromechanics
  • 'Rich' Tomo - Computational Mechanics, Materials Engineering, Micromechanics


Past Projects :

  • SAMULET – Residual stress analysis for new manufacturing processes (EPSRC, Rolls-Royce)
  • New dimensions of engineering science at large facilities (EPSRC)
  • iSTRESS - Pre-standardisation of incremental FIB milling for Residual Stress evaluation (FIB-DIC)