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Alexander Sauer

Alexander Sauer MSc

DPhil Student


Alex works in the Quantitative Biomedical Imaging Analysis Group under the supervision of Jens Rittscher. In his DPhil, he develops image segmentation and analysis tools to automatically process 3D images generated by expansion microscopy, especially focusing on the shape and structure of mitochondria.

Alex is part of the Health Data Science CDT and completed a Master in Statistical Science from Oxford winning the GutiƩrrez Toscano Prize for the best performance in the year. He also holds undergraduate degrees in mathematics and economics from the University of Heidelberg and Mannheim.

Research Interests

Alex develops computer vision tools to analyse images generated by expansion microscopy. Expansion microscopy allows researchers to image cells with a resolution comparable to electron microscopy but without requiring special equipment beyond conventional confocal microscopes.This makes it possible to create large quantities of 3D data that need to be analysed.

Alex therefore works on algorithms that allow to segment the resulting images and on tools to analyse and investigate the organelles within the cell, especially focusing on mitochondria.

Research Groups

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