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Anshul Thakur

Departmental Lecturer in Clinical Machine Learning


Anshul Thakur obtained his PhD from the School of Computing and Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Mandi in 2020. His doctoral research mainly focused on pattern analysis of audio signals using dynamic kernels, tensor factorization and deep learning. His work led to the development of various ML frameworks for acoustic classification and weakly/semi-supervised acoustic event detection. Apart from that, he has also worked on the utilization of ML frameworks to identify speech articulation disorders. Anshul’s research interests mainly include data-efficient deep learning, adversarial attacks, deep learning interpretations and tensor factorization. He is also interested in developing ML/AI frameworks for different biomedical and healthcare applications.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Data-efficient
  • Deep Learning
  • Adversarial attacks
  • Tensor factorization

Research Groups

Current Projects

Anshul is currently working on projects which apply his knowledge in Machine Learning and AI frameworks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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