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Benjamin White

Ben White MChem

DPhil Candidate

COLLEGE: St Edmund Hall


Benjamin White is a DPhil candidate in the Chemical engineering group of the Engineering Science department at Oxford University. After completing his integrated Masters degree in Chemistry at the University of Bath, Benjamin began his doctorate degree at Oxford, with his thesis title "Radio-wave activated chemotherapy".

Research Interests

  1. Nanomedicine with a particular focus on nanoparticle design, synthesis, and analysis for use in Chemotherapy and personalized cancer treatment.
  2. Drug Delivery methods with special focus on activation methods in vivo.
  3. Novel polymer design, synthesis, and analysis.
  4. Inductive heating methods and applications.
  5. Computational modelling of clinical treatment methods involving nanoparticles.

Research Projects

Radio—wave activated chemotherapy: A nanoparticle-polymer complex capable of on off switching and magnetic direction providing an extremely discriminant method of chemotherapy

Research Groups

  • Biomedical applications
  • Nanoscience and technology
  • Drug Delivery and Biomedical Ultrasonics
  • Heat transfer and cooling research


White, B.D.; Duan, C.; Townley, H.E. “Nanoparticle Activation Methods in Cancer Treatment.” Biomolecules 2019, 9, 202

White B.D, Evison A, Dombi E, Townley HE, Improved delivery of the anticancer agent citral using BSA nanoparticles and polymeric wafers. Nanotechnology science and applications, 2018, 10

Victor M. Lu, Felicity Crawshay-Williams, White B.D, Amy Elliot, Mark A. Hill & Helen E. Townley (2019) Cytotoxicity, dose-enhancement and radiosensitization of glioblastoma cells with rare earth nanoparticles, Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology, 47:1, 132-143