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Bohan Chen

Bohan Chen BEng MEng

DPhil Student

COLLEGE: Wolfson


Bohan Chen spent her first three years of undergraduate in Shandong University majoring in City Underground Space Engineering and participated in a collaborative program in the stream of Civil Engineering at Durham University in her fourth year.

After spending two years in Durham, Bohan obtained a BEng degree from Shandong University (Outstanding) and an MEng degree from Durham University (First Honour) in 2018. Her final year project of MEng was Numerical Investigation of Water Coning with Enriched Boundary Element Method.

Now she is enrolled on a DPhil programme at Oxford University and will focus on developing an optimised design method for offshore wind turbine foundations. Bohan’s research is funded by China Scholarship Council and Oxford University.


Research Interests

Bohan’s DPhil research focuses on building a computation recipe to describe the progressive buckling of large-diameter monopile foundations for offshore wind turbines during installation, with a view to further developing a more optimised structure through advanced design methods. The research mainly relies on numerical simulations, validated by laboratory-scale experiments. The theories and techniques related to this research include:

  • Soil mechanics;
  • Thin shell structures;
  • Numerical simulation for large-deformation problems, e.g. Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian Method;
  • Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) analysis