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Changlong Wang BEng (1 Hons) PhD

Academic Visitor


Changlong plays a key role in developing the Hydrogen and Green Steel Economic Fairways Mapper, a collaboration between Geoscience Australia and Monash University, to support the implementation of Australia's National Hydrogen Strategy. The project team received the esteemed Australian Eureka Prize for Innovative Research in Sustainability in 2023. Changlong leads the South Australian green iron supply chain study in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam for the South Australian government. Additionally, as part of the Electric Vehicles theme within the RACE for 2030 Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), he investigates the impact of Electric Vehicle charging on electricity networks. Changlong represents Australia on multiple International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) tasks, including Task 41 on hydrogen model taxonomy, Task 48 on hydrogen supply chain model comparisons, and Task 50 on hydrogen for industry.

Currently, he is co-leading a new IEA TCP task proposal on "Hydrogen for Iron/Steelmaking" in collaboration with leading research organisations and experts in the field. Changlong is a member of the Australian Clean Energy Council's Hydrogen and Decarbonisation Directorate. He lends his expertise as a speaker at numerous high-level industrial conferences, such as the 4th Australian Hydrogen Forum, the 8th Australian Hydrogen Conference, the Asian Clean Energy Summit, the World Mining Congress and the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit. Changlong holds a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours from the Australian National University and a PhD from the University of Melbourne.

Throughout his doctoral studies, he received several prestigious awards, including the Australian Institute of Energy's Postgraduate Energy Award, the Melbourne International Engagement Award, the CSIRO Office of the Chief Executive Postgraduate Award, and the National ICT (NICTA) Postgraduate Scholarship.


Research Interests

  • Hydrogen for Iron/Steelmaking
  • Electric Vehicle Capacity
  • Expansion Modelling
  • Industry Decarbonisation
  • Machine Learning Optimisation

Research Groups

Research Projects

Hydrogen for Iron/Steelmaking Electric Vehicle Charging