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Oxford Robotics Institute

Chia-Man Hung

DPhil Student

COLLEGE: Keble College


Chia-Man joined the Oxford Robotics Institute in 2018 as a DPhil student at Keble College. She is jointly supervised by Ioannis Havoutis and Ingmar Posner, and she is part of the Dynamic Robot Systems group (DRS) and the Applied Artificial Intelligence lab (A2I). She is also a Clarendon Scholar at the University of Oxford. Her current research interests span the theory and application of robot learning and manipulation.

Chia-Man holds a French Engineering degree (equivalent to B.Sc. + M.Sc.) in Computer Science from École Polytechnique, another French Engineering degree from Télécom ParisTech and an M.Sc. in Data Science from the University of Paris-Saclay. Previously, she interned as a software engineer at Google London and Google Zurich.

Personal website

Research Interests

Robot learning for manipulation.

Research Groups


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  • C.-M. Hung, L. Sun, Y. Wu, I. Havoutis, I. Posner. Introspective Visuomotor Control: Exploiting Uncertainty for Failure Recovery. ICRA (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation) 2021.

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  • G. J. Chang, S.-H. Chen, C.-Y. Hsu, C.-M. Hung, H.-L. Lai. Strong Edge-Coloring for Jellyfish Graphs. Discrete Mathematics, 338 (2015) 2348-2355