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Hayoung Cho

Hayoung Cho BEng

Research Student


Hayoung Cho joined the BUBBL lab for a summer project sponsored by the Gabelli Presidential Scholarship at Boston College. She has done research at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston College Chemistry and Engineering Department, and Mass General Hospital.

Her current research projects in Boston include early cancer detection biosensor technology development, neonatal nutritional assessment from ultrasound and image segmentation using U-Net, and Sparse Gaussian Processes and molecular/material and Automatic-Differentiable Gaussian Processes.

Her project at the BUBBL lab is under Hyunhong (James) Min and Prof. Eleanor Stride.

She aspires to become an interventional radiologist as an MD-PhD.

Research Interests

  • Early cancer detection
  • Ultrasound for neonatal nutritional assessment
  • Lung surfactant
  • Gaussian Processes

Current Projects

Study of microbubbles' enhancement of lung surfactant adsorption on the air-water interface.

Research Groups

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