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Jack Proudfoot


Jack Proudfoot MEng MRes

DPhil Student

TEL: +44 (0)7709 110599
COLLEGE: Wolfson College


Jack Proudfoot joined the Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Propulsion and Power, first completing a masters at Darwin College, University of Cambridge graduating with merit from the MRes stage. He is now conducting studies towards a DPhil in Active Flow Control at the Oxford Thermofluids Institute with joint funding from Rolls-Royce and EPSRC.

Jack holds a First-Class MEng degree alongside the head of department award for academic excellence from the University of Nottingham.

Research Interests

  • Active Flow Control
  • Dynamic Mode Decomposition
  • Optimised sensing and actuation
  • Fluidic Devices
  • Hydrogen Propulsion for Turbomachinery

Current Projects

Project: Hydrogen based fluidic valves for turbomachinery

This project involves the development of fluidic devices, focusing on developing such devices for integration into hydrogen fuel systems of large civil aviation jet engines. This involves creating low order models using dimensional reduction techniques, such as dynamic mode decomposition, low order models utilise LQG feedback control with acoustic actuation to manipulate the flow of hydrogen. Such devices will help the aviation industry achieve net-zero targets.