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Professor Jeroen Bergmann


Jeroen Bergmann BSc MSc PhD

Visiting Fellow

Director Oxford Healthtech Labs

COLLEGE: Reuben College


Jeroen studied at London, Amsterdam, and Oxford, and holds or has held (visiting) teaching and/or research positions at some of the top institutions including King's College London, Imperial College London, University of Oxford, MIT and Harvard. He is co-founder of the RegTech platform RegMetrics ( which guides users through the European regulations for medical devices.

Throughout his tenure at Oxford, Jeroen has authored numerous publications, shedding light on the intricate challenges and opportunities within the field of medical device design, validation, and regulatory compliance. His multidisciplinary approach merges engineering principles with medical knowledge, contributing to the creation of cutting-edge solutions that address under-served healthcare needs.

Other Roles

Jeroen is visiting professor at Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science and CSO of Reg-Metrics

Research Interests

Jeroens' research focuses on developing innovative technologies for healthcare and the processes needed to do so. He is an Official Fellow of Reuben College and the Director of the Oxford HealthTech Labs. His research interest is in developing new preventative and assistive technologies that allows for more natural interactions. He has experience in developing laboratory prototypes and taking them through clinical validation to make a real-world impact. His work focuses on the development, design and application of novel healthcare technologies.

Active projects consist of creating wearables sensors for physical activity monitoring in extreme conditions, researching new solutions for limb-deficient patients, virtual prototyping and regulatory navigation for medical devices. His research vision is to prevent more people from becoming patients by creating innovative solutions.

Oxford Global Guidance

Oxford Global Guidance is a tool developed by Jeroen’s group to support academics, early-stage innovators and entrepreneurs in navigating medical device regulations (MDR) and in vitro diagnostic medical device regulations (IVDR). The aim is to ensure that the innovative ideas that could make big impacts on patients’ lives will reach the market in a timely manner. Knowing and adhering to the regulations early in the developmental process will increase the likelihood of ideas reaching the patient and/or spin-outs being successful and having real-world impact. Researchers wondering if the device they have in mind or are developing is a medical device, and which class the device belongs to, can use the tool to guide them through the first key aspects of the regulations.

Current Projects

  • Extreme Human-in-the-loop Engineering - Developing systems for tracking humans under extreme conditions.
  • Regulatory Navigation - Creating data-driven methodologies for Medical Device Regulations to improve translational research.
  • Prosthetic Control Paradigms - Innovating within the field of assistive technologies with a focus on prosthetics.

DPhil Opportunities

The Natural Interactions Lab (NIL) is open for students who want to explore medical device development for assistive and preventative applications