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Jiahe Cui


Jiahe Cui BSc DPhil

Postdoctoral Research Associate

COLLEGE: Pembroke College


Dr. Jiahe Cui completed her BSc in Optoelectronics from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2018, and a DPhil in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford in 2022, where her work concerned the clinical application of adaptive optics, remote focusing, and machine learning techniques to provide stabilised high-resolution image guidance during surgery.

She currently works as a postdoctoral researcher across the Departments of Engineering Science, Experimental Psychology, and Pharmacology, and was elected a Research Associate of Pembroke College in 2022. Her work focuses on developing novel adaptive optical retinal imaging systems to identify biomarkers of neurodegenerative, systemic, and psychiatric diseases through the living eye for revolutionised point-of-care medicine (PREDICTOR); as well as to understand how the eye, as a directly observable part of the central nervous system, reacts to different spatio-temporal stimuli patterns, and processes visual neural information (PhysFEM).


Awards and Honours

  • Special Correspondent of Light: Science & Applications (IF: 20.25), 2022.
  • Named researcher on EPSRC Healthcare Technology Fund, 2022.
  • Named researcher on EPSRC IAA Technology Fund, 2022.
  • ERC Research Studentship, 2018-2022.
  • Beijing Outstanding Graduate (B.Sc. Level), 2018.
  • Beijing Institute of Technology Outstanding Graduate (B.Sc. Level), 2018.
  • Beijing Merit Student, 2018.
  • BIT Diwen Scholarship, 2016, 2017.


Research Interests

  • Adaptive optics applications
  • Adaptive optics control optimisation
  • Intelligent surgical intervention
  • Ophthalmology and vision science
  • Super-resolution techniques for retinal imaging
  • Machine learning for time-series sequence recognition

Related Academics


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Full list can be found at Google Scholar