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Profile photo of Kam Chana


Kam Chana BSc MSc MDA CEng FRAeS

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Commercial and Technical Director of the Oxford Turbine Test Facility

Fellow of St Anne’s College

TEL: 01865 288741
COLLEGE: St Anne’s College


Kam Chana joined the University in 2010 following 22 years at the MoD and QinetiQ where he held the position Head of Instrumentation & Experimental Programmes and was a QinetiQ Fellow. He held a Visiting Fellow position at Warwick University for over 20 years and a Visiting Fellow position at Surrey University. Kam has also held the position Scientific Director of the European Virtual Institute for Gas Turbine Instrumentation (EVI-GTI) for 5 years.

At Oxford he leads the activities of the Oxford Turbine Research Facility. He has over 100 peer-reviewed published articles and several patents.

Research Interests

  • Turbine heat transfer
  • Cooling systems
  • Gas turbines
  • Internal combustion engine instrumentation
  • Tip timing
  • Tip clearance measurement
  • High temperature instrumentation