Kam Chana BSc MSc MDA CEng FRAeS

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Commercial and Technical Director of the Oxford Turbine Test Facility

Fellow of St Anne’s College

TEL: 01865 288741
COLLEGE: St Anne’s College
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Kam Chana joined the University in 2010 following 22 years at the MoD and QinetiQ where he held the position Head of Instrumentation & Experimental Programmes and was a QinetiQ Fellow. He held a Visiting Fellow position at Warwick University for over 20 years and a Visiting Fellow position at Surrey University. Kam has also held the position Scientific Director of the European Virtual Institute for Gas Turbine Instrumentation (EVI-GTI) for 5 years.

At Oxford he leads the activities of the Oxford Turbine Research Facility. He has over 100 peer-reviewed published articles and several patents.

Research Interests

  • Turbine heat transfer
  • Cooling systems
  • Gas turbines
  • Internal combustion engine instrumentation
  • Tip timing
  • Tip clearance measurement
  • High temperature instrumentation