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Karel Adamek


Karel Adamek

Departmental Lecturer


Karel Adámek was appointed Departmental Lecturer at the Oxford e-Research Centre in April 2022. Dr. Adámek was PDRA at OeRC from 2015 to 2019 working on accelerating radio astronomy algorithms on GPUs. He rejoined University of Oxford as a Senior Researcher in 2021. Karel has MPhys degree in Astrophysics and a PhD in Theoretical Physics with a focus on general relativity.

Karel Adámek acts as a leader and a Product Owner for the Oxford Square Kilometre Array (SKA) SAFe team, that is eight people strong. The team is responsible for writing HPC software for imaging the radio astronomy data for SKA. The SKA Observatory is a next-generation radio telescope that will revolutionise our understanding of the Universe.

Research Interests

  • Scientific Computing
  • High Performance Computing
  • Digital Signal and Image Processing
  • Many-core algorithm development

Current Projects

SKA SDP - the science data processor for the Square Kilometre Array (a next-generation radio telescope)

AstroAccelerate - GPU accelerate real-time signal processing for time-domain radio-astronomy

AccRQA - GPU acceleration of recurrent quantitative analysis

Related Academics

I currently have places available for research students.